About This Site

I will be updating this site very soon, all the scientific information on this site is from the National Cancer Institute.

The reason I have started this site is because when I was first told I had testicular cancer the first thing I did when I got home was look it up on the net. The information was mainly geared to US patients and the thought and fear of going through a RPLND as well as loosing my testicle was too much for me and pushed me over the edge, by the time of my first follow up appointment the shock of what had recently happed and the cancer worry was really playing with my mind.

It was a massive relief to hear that in Europe they don’t tend to do a RPLND. It was explained that because the US is so big people can be hours away from there hospitals and because they have to pay for treatment they simple don’t come back for what ever reason so to maximise there chances of survival a RPLND is performed. Lucky in Europe you are never more than a hour or so away from a hospital and even a specialist cancer hospital might not be much further.